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Tripolitania & Jebel Akakus

Tripolitania, part of today’s Libya looks back at a long history - Greeks and Romans were here and their architecture left some of the best preserved examples in the whole Mediterranean. Besides exploring this fabulous world heritage, you will soak up the atmosphere of oriental but cosmopolitan Tripoli and, of course, venture deep into the Real Sahara during our desert leg in the Erg Ubari sand sea. The mysterious Mandara Lakes and little oasis towns are on our program as well as the pre-historic rock carvings in the Akakus mountains.


Tripolitania & Jebel Akakus
Day 1
Depart via London, Frankfurt, Rome or Paris to Tripoli and be welcomed at the airport by your local guide. Transfer to the hotel Al Kabir for your overnight stop. Dinner at a local restaurant.
Day 2
After breakfast you are off to visit the remains of Roman Sabratha, one of the best preserved sites along the Mediterranean. Continue via Nalut to Ghadames, a UNESCO World heritage site and the so called “pearl of the desert”. Picnic lunch en route, dinner in a local restaurant and overnight at the 2** hotel Fundouq, the best hotel in town.
Day 3
Visit Ghadames Old Town, arguably the finest surviving old town anywhere in the Sahara. Let your guide explain how people used to live in this part of the world and enjoy lunch with a local family. Board a 4x4 in the afternoon and embark on to a true desert crossing. Breakfast at hotel, lunch with local family, dinner and overnight at bivouac.
Day 4
On your way across the dunes you are heading South, passing a couple of wells that are frequented by local herdsmen with their camels or goats. Get enticed by some of the largest sanddunes in the Real Sahara and enjoy your dinner that has been prepared for you on the open fire. Breakfast and dinner at bivouac, picnic lunch en route.
Day 5
Head further South across the Awbari Sand Sea before you rejoin tarmac for the last leg of the day. You are back in civilization and you travel on road from Birgen to Sebha for your overnight stop at the hotel Africa. Breakfast at bivouac, picnic lunch en route and dinner at the hotel.
Day 6
Across sand you will be travelling to the mysterious desert lakes of Mandara – go for a swim in water so buoyant that drowning is impossible. Spend the night in our bivouac in the dunes overlooking one of the lakes. Breakfast at hotel, picnic lunch, dinner at bivouac.
Day 7
Today we go for a little circuit to visit two more of the desert lakes. Touareg from Niger are selling small souvenirs at lake Gaberoun, maybe you find something that you would like to take home. We return in the afternoon to our camp in the dunes – enjoy a spectacular sunset from the top of one of the surrounding sanddunes. Breakfast, dinner and overnight at bivouac, picnic lunch en route.
Day 8
South West is our heading for today – we aim for the desert oasis of Ghat, the ancient trading post that is one of the most attractive oasis towns in Libya. En route we are passing the old Garamanthian town of Germa, together with its small museum worth paying a visit. Breakfast at bivouac, picnic lunch en route, dinner and overnight at the hotel Fundouq in Ghat.
Day 9
Explore the desert oasis of Ghat, the ancient trading post is one of the most attractive oasis towns in Libya. Visit the Touareg Mosque before heading off towards the Akakus mountains with its famous rock carvings. Picnic lunch, dinner by the fire, overnight at bivouac.
Day 10
Some more of the spectacular rock carvings are to be seen in the Akakus. The bizarre rock formations in this mountain range will make you feel like you are in another world. Breakfast at camp, picnic lunch, dinner by the fire, overnight at bivouac.
Day 11
Return towards Sebha across the lunar like landscape of the Msak Mustafit. En route we visit the tomb of Princess Lucilla before continuing to the hotel Africa in Sebha for our overnight stop. Breakfast at camp, picnic lunch, dinner at hotel.
Day 12
Visit Sebha’s camel market in the morning before flying back to Tripoli – here you check into one of the best hotels in town – the Al Kabira. The hotel is conveniently located to explore the medina (old town) and the sights of Tripoli. Browse around the souks for some authentic souvenirs or just soak up the atmosphere of the oriental markets. Picnic lunch, dinner at restaurant, overnight at hotel.
Day 13
Head off to Leptis Magna in the morning, the magnificently preserved Roman site on the cost not far from Tripoli. Explore the stunningly beautiful mosaics and impressive architecture of this UNESCO World heritage site. Back in Tripoli in the afternoon, visit the National Museum just off the Green Square. The museum holds an extensive exhibition on the history of Libya from pre-historic to present times. Picnic lunch, dinner at restaurant, overnight at hotel.
Day 14
After breakfast is your last opportunity for a stroll in the souks (markets) before you are off to the airport to catch your flight home after lunch.
from 1,295 pps, including:
  • Internal flights at destination.
  • All transfers at destination.
  • Hotel accommodation as per itinerary.
  • Campsite fees.
  • Attended desert camps (Bivouacs).
  • Full board throughout.
  • Guided 4x4 Tour.
  • Camping gear rental.
  • All entrance fees and charges.
  • All excursions.
  • Visa fees and charges (European Citizens – others POA).
  • Emergency back up by helicopter on desert leg.
  • Comprehensive Infobook.
  • The safety of a licensed and bonded tour operator.

  • Extras::
  • Flights to destination.
  • Drinks.
  • Travel insurance.

  • Please note that all itineraries are for illustration purposes. We will adhere to them whenever possible, however this being Africa adjustments might have to be made if certain areas are temporarily closed off, weather conditions are adverse or other circumstances dictate changes.

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