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The largest country in Northern Africa offers the most stunning scenery of the Sahara. The Tassili and Hoggar Mountains in the south can only be described as spectacular - but words can never do justice to the reality. You've got to be there! Although Algeria has experienced a troubled past, the country is now stabilizing and the southern regions are quiet and freely accessible.

Libya is slowly opening up to visitors and the Libyan people are amongst the most friendly and hospitable in the world. The country is rich in Roman history with sites largely untouched to this day and age, Libya inhabits a substantial portion of the Real Sahara. Infrastructure is sparse and the way to get around and cover the vast distances is by 4x4.

An African country that works as it was once described by an American author. Tunisia is ideal for a short break to the Sahara, a camel trek or indeed if you wish to take your own vehicle to the Sahara for the first time. Again rich in Roman and Phoenician history and Berber culture, in Tunisia we have access to the Great Eastern Erg, the vast sand sea of the Sahara. If you wish to have a full safety net on your adventure tour, Tunisia is the country to visit.